For more detailed descriptions of our services please see the treatments pages.

Head Screening$25 per personOur clinicians will carefully inspect the hair and scalp to determine if a lice infestation exists. If a treatment is provided, the head screen charge is waived. For immediate family members of a person getting treated, the rate includes both a head screen and application of our non-toxic topical rinse
AirAllé Signature Treatment $189 flat rate per treatment

The most thorough treatment available! 3 step process: Step 1: Non-toxic heated-air treatment (30 minutes) Step 2: Thorough comb-out of all dehydrated eggs (30 minutes to 120 minutes) Step 3: Application of non-toxic topical rinse (15 minutes) Approximate treatment time is 1.5 hours. No follow-up treatment or visit is needed or required. This treatment comes with a 100% guarantee the person will be lice free and a 30-day lice free guarantee if we have head screened all immediate family members. If the person gets lice for any reason within 30 days after treatment, we will re-treat the person for free as long as we have head screened each immediate family member and confirmed they are lice free or have treated them.
AirAllé Express Treatment (no comb-out)$139 flat rate per treatmentNon-toxic heated-air treatment to kill lice and eggs followed by application of our non-toxic topical rinse. The remainder of the process, including the comb-out is completed at home by you.
Traditional Comb-Out Treatment$85 per hour, billed in 30 minute increments

*Duration of treatment depends on length of hair and infestation level.

Children under the age of 4, and certain other individuals cannot receive a AirAllé™ Treatment. In these cases, a traditional comb-out may be the best option.
Do It Yourself Lice Removal Kit$69 per kitPreventative and home treatment products available. This kit includes a Professional Nit Terminator Comb, Chemical-Free Comb-Out Mousse, and Non-Toxic Topical Rinse
School & Camp Head Screenings$5 per head screen.
$235 flat rate per treatment + $1 per mile fuel charge
We will come to your school or camp grounds to check students for head lice and provide on-site treatments if requested.